Academy Programme 2019/20

Entry to our programme is via trial only. Please refer to our document Pathway 2019/20 for full details on our programme including age eligibility.

Our Academy trials for the 2019/20 season will be held as follows:

U15/13 Regional Academy Trials - June 8 & 9, 2019 - on invitation only, to all existing Rhinos Academy U15/13s or nominated County and/or Rhinos Hub athletes  PLEASE SEE OUR SELECTED ATHLETES LISTED BELOW

U19/17 Elite Academy Trials - September 7 & 8 - open trial, based on athlete's age at the time of trials (see our Pathway document for details on eligibility)  REGISTRATION FOR TRIALS IS NOW CLOSED

U15 Regional Academy Athletes 2019/20

North U15 Regional Academy

South U15 Regional Academy

Abigail Forster (North Yorkshire)

Abigail Conway (West Yorkshire)

Alice Lashua (North Yorkshire)

Ama Nyarko (South Yorkshire)

Amy Brown-Carrera (North Yorkshire)

Amelia Denton (South Yorkshire)

Amy Burgin (West Yorkshire)

Beth Whitlow (North Yorkshire)

Anna Fairclough (North Yorkshire)

Cara Durkin (Humberside)

Arabella Higgins (West Yorkshire)

Charlotte Lewis (Humberside)

Emmanuela Okpala (West Yorkshire)

Connie Richies (Humberside)

Evie Iles (North Yorkshire)

Emma Sargent (South Yorkshire)

Evie Webb (West Yorkshire)

Erin Lamport (West Yorkshire)

Freya Bedford (West Yorkshire)

Frances Farnill (Humberside)

Helen Ebai (North Yorkshire)

Freya Dockerty (West Yorkshire)

Isla Swarbrigg (West Yorkshire)

Georgia Spratt (West Yorkshire)

Isobela Sloan (West Yorkshire)

Holly Burnip (West Yorkshire)

Jenna Maghaireh (West Yorkshire)

Isabella Hobson (South Yorkshire)

Jessica Elizabeth Tolson (North Yorkshire)

Kate Edwards (South Yorkshire)

Lily Baum (North Yorkshire)

Katie Rogers (West Yorkshire)

Liv Myers (West Yorkshire)

Leanna Lunn (West Yorkshire)

Olivia Thomson (North Yorkshire)

Lydia Fixter (South Yorkshire)

Sadie Bentley (North Yorkshire)

Maddy Rawcliffe (West Yorkshire)

Scarlett Birdsall (West Yorkshire)

Madelaine Parkinson (Humberside)

Sorcha Kelly (North Yorkshire)

Meabh Brannigan (Humberside)

Summer Anderson (West Yorkshire)

Mollie Buckley (South Yorkshire)

Zara Train (West Yorkshire)

Nina Martin (West Yorkshire)

U13 Regional Academy Athletes 2019/20

North U13 Regional Academy South U13 Regional Academy
Amelia Brooke (West Yorkshire) Ellie Hollund (Humberside)
Charley-Megan Whiteley (West Yorks) Eluned Owen (Humberside)
Grace Ross (West Yorkshire) Emily Baron (West Yorkshire)
Isabel Dyer (West Yorkshire) Esther Walton (West Yorkshire)
Rosa Cotton (West Yorkshire) Eva Lamport (West Yorkshire)
Sadie Pringle (North Yorkshire) Freya Anderson (Humberside)
Gracie Lillian Nixon (West Yorkshire)
Jessica Burton (South Yorkshire)
Jessica Thompson (Humberside)
Jorja Kenworthy (South Yorkshire)
Layla Howley (Humberside)
Libby Davidson (South Yorkshire)
Madison Ducker (West Yorkshire)
Olivia Maudsley (West Yorkshire)
Sophie Brosenitz (Humberside)
Tahlia Sanders (South Yorkshire)
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