Boys are on the charge!

Netball has featured in many UK primary schools - for girls and boys - for a number of years. In adult years, while we are a long way off reaching the same heights as our Australian and New Zealand counterparts, men's netball clubs and leagues are growing rapidly.

The Rhinos family is constantly looking for ways to provide opportunities across the Yorkshire community through sport. We recognise not all young people want to play games in a mixed environment - particularly where that sport is dominated by the opposite sex. That's why Leeds Rhinos Netball is introducing weekly netball sessions that are purely for boys.

Based on our Mini Netball programme, which is aimed at girls and boys aged between 5 and 12 years, For Boys will provide a safe space for Junior boys to engage in our sport. Our weekly 1hour sessions will teach basic netball skills such as throwing and catching, netball positions and introductory matchplay, having fun as they go!

FREE Taster Session on March 7!

We are now taking bookings for our first-ever For Boys netball session! Come along to Tong Academy and give our sport a go - you'll meet lots of new Rhino friends along the way!

To reserve your place, click the Button in our Quick Links today! 

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