COVID-19 UPDATE: 17/03/2020

In light of the UK Government's latest update on Covid-19, and England Netball choosing to suspend all sporting activity at this time, Leeds Rhinos Netball has made the difficult decision to follow its lead and suspend all training immediately.

This is based on the latest advice which is to avoid any unnecessary contact with others where possible.

While we do know this is a temporary measure, we are currently unable to offer a firm date for when training can resume. We will continue to provide regular updates on our position during this time of rapid change through our digital channels (website and social media).

Our existing Rhinos athletes will continue to receive regular communication via email - including one shortly explaining more on our decision to suspend training - group messages and texts.

Thanks for your understanding and please, let's continue to support one another during an extremely testing time for us all.

Leeds Rhinos Netball

COVID-19 UPDATE: 15/03/2020

Like most providers, we are continuing to look to the Government for assistance during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. We are also following the advice of England Netball.

As of March 13, the Government is advising anyone with a high temperature or a new continuous cough to self-isolate at home.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 or have recently visited a restricted area, then please stay home and have a parent/carer contact your coach to let them know of your absence.

Otherwise, from Rhinos’ perspective, it is business as usual. While it remains safe to do so, we encourage everyone who is fit and well to continue attending their training sessions to keep the body and mind active, while being mindful of the Government’s advice for improved hygiene: washing hands regularly and putting used tissues into a bin.

All of our regular services – that’s our netball training sessions and school holiday day camps – will continue as planned for athletes all across Yorkshire, until a time we feel it safer or receive instruction to do otherwise. However, we are introducing a number of steps to help minimize risk, as follows:

-Speaking with each facility to ensure they complete a full cleaning and sanitation process before our use, and that the bathrooms are equipped for increased hand washing

-Ensuring our coaches carry additional hand soap, sanitisers and tissues to every camp or class in the event of a facility running out of these items

-Making sure all netballs are wiped clean and bibs are laundered before and after training sessions

-Updating our database to ensure we have an emergency contact number for every athlete who trains with us

Please remember that this is for the safety of everyone and we all have a part to play in minimizing the spread of Covid-19 where we can.

Thank you.

Leeds Rhinos Netball

The Government is posting regular updates to its website and you can familiarize with their current position at any time by clicking on this link:

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